House buying companies Indianapolis – Review

Why did you buy your house? Are you the renovator type or did you want a house that you could just move into and enjoy. You need to know your market.

Of course there are all kind of people you buy houses but they fall into just three categories.

1. They are looking for their dream home, one they can instantly show off to their friend and family.

2. They want a home that they can easily make a few changes to place their own stamp on the property.

3. They want to start pulling down walls and adding rooms.

Group number one. Want it all. You can do a full work over on the property and they will love it as long as your changes are subtle. This group tends to be conservative in their tastes and want to conform to the neighbourhood norms. Don’t do bright feature walls. Stick with standard colour carpets, off white walls and a front fence like the others in the street.

This group will pay more for your home because they will fall in love with it. But remember you will need to spend more on it to appeal to them. Your marketing would focus on all the homey comfortable family features.By clicking we get more information about the sell my home for cash Indianapolis.

Group number two, want many of the same features the above group look for but, they want to make the home theirs. There are things they may want to change. But these are not nor big ticket items like kitchens or bathrooms.

They may change window dressings, carpets, some paint and landscaping. This group have some renovation skills and some limited financial reserves to make the changes. They don’t have the time or the patience to undertake any major renovations.

Your marketing to this group would focus on needing a little TLC, and how a few easy alterations would give them exactly the home they want.

Group number three. They are savvy buyers, they have the cash for a renovation and they either have the skills to renovate or are comfortable with supervising the project. Many will happily in an a chaotic reconstruction site for several months, and they will absolutely enjoy the whole process. They will fall in love with the changes they can make.

Your marketing to this group will focus on how well the home lends itself to a renovation, how you could add perhaps hundreds of thousands, how its a great street with plenty of renovated properties and what a bargain it is.